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Gel Manicures Fea turing Exclusively Ligh t Elegance Gel Produc ts


Are you concerned about the safety and quality of  the gel manicure products  that you put on your body?

You should be. That’s why Light Elegance gel manicure nail products are the safest and most responsible nail products on the market.

HEMA-free, 9-free, hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free.

I have been doing natural looking, hard gel nails and gel manicures for over 25 years. Before then, some of my clients and I had developed an allergy to acrylic. I needed to find a clean, healthy product that was hypoallergenic, with no toxic ingredients.

After a lot of research, I decided on Light Elegance Gel because it is odorless and formulated using oligomers that result in a safe, hypoallergenic product. Over the years, they have added hard gel colors and P+ gel polish. With all the different products they have created, there is a safe product for every type of nail.

A Little History

Jim and Lezlie McConnell are the founders of Light Elegance. I spent a lot of time on the phone with both of them. Jim is the chemist for the company and his wife, Lezlie, a salon owner and nail tech. So you can now see how magical this couple is! In 1999, Light Elegance was newly launched and I was changing over a full clientele from acrylic to gel. Lezlie was kind enough to send me samples of product to try. They even wanted my feedback. Both of them had immediate answers to all my questions and I was convinced that this company was onto something big. 20+ years later, big is an understatement. They keep getting voted “Best Gel Nail Product” in all the salon and nail trade magazines.

The Ligh t Elegance Produc t Line

The Light Elegance Lexy Line is where the strength lies. These file-off, building gel products are what I use for extensions and longer overlays. I use Builder, which has a thicker viscosity and a great product for building strength and shape. Extreme, which is a self leveling builder, is perfect for thinner natural nails and transitioning to gel from acrylic.

The Jimmy Gel, named after Jim, of course, is a soak-off builder gel. I use this as a base gel for my structured gel manicures where the natural nails need a little more strength but also flexibility. This also gives me the option to soak-off or file. A shorter overlay with Jimmy Gel can also be done and it comes in a few base colors to suit all skin tones if you want to wear it alone for a natural look.

Buttercream Colors are highly pigmented, very thin, hard gel colors. These can be used over a hard gel full set, fill or over the Jimmy Gel adding color to the structured manicure.

The P+ Gel Polish is the most amazing soak-off gel polish ever, with no pull-back at the tip (that’s what sold me) and the glitters are gorgeous.

Gel Nail Menu

Hard Gel Full Set                 $70

Hard Gel Overlay                $55

Hard Gel Fill                        $50

Structured Manicure          $45

Gel Manicure                        $40

Soak off of Acrylic/Dip        $40

Gel manicures include a soak-off if needed. All work is hand filed and a new or sanitized file is used on each client. All metal implements and files are sanitized in an autoclave.

YourHeal th Ma tters

Don’t be fooled, dip IS acrylic, just re-marketed. Acrylic and dip products contain formaldehyde and benzine. These are toxic chemicals called VOCs which are proven carcinogens. Also, most of the acrylic bonding agents contains cyanoacrylate, which is also a known carcinogen. These chemicals also cause a host of other neurological problems and do not belong anywhere near your body. My research scared me. This is why I chose this product and company to work with. They truly care about the quality of their products, the nail techs that use them and their clients.

There is something else I would like to address. There has been some uninformed chatter around the internet that the gel lamps cause cancer. When my client mentioned this to me, I called Jim immediately. I got a thorough, very technical but well explained earful on the science of light spectrum. If you are curious, Jim made a youtube video series called The Chemist Corner. Here is your science lesson with Jim, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Oh – and spoiler alert – gel lamps are perfectly safe.